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Has anything interesting happened lately?  Is there a new litter in the family, or a good seminar coming up that we should know about?  Maybe a trip to a national event, or a new GSP/dog resource you'd like to recommend?  This is the place to share newsworthy dog-related information with our members and visitors.  If you have something to share, please contact the Nutmeg Woofmaster.

Posted July 3, 2018

Hunt Test, Breed Handling & First Aid Seminar

On June 30th, 2018 the Nutmeg GSP Club hosted a seminar at Flaherty Field Trial Area to introduce new handlers and pointing breed owners to the world of AKC hunt test, breed handling and canine first aid.  Attendees had the opportunity to get instruction from AKC Hunt Test Judges, put their dog on live birds and learn about show ring etiquette, presentation and equipment.  A veterinarian reviewed the basics of canine first aid.  A fun, albeit a very hot, and informative day of learning and sharing!  Thank you to everyone who organized, worked, and attended for making it a success!

01 DSC_7331
02 DSC_7327
03 IMG_4693
03A IMG_4691
04 DSC_7332
05 DSC_7339
06 DSC_7354
07 DSC_7336
08 DSC_7352
09 DSC_7355
33 IMG_4712
10 DSC_7358
11 IMG_4701
12 IMG_4703
13 DSC_7363
14 IMG_4695
15 IMG_4698
15 IMG_4710
16 DSC_7353
17 DSC_7366
18 DSC_7369
19 DSC_7373
20 DSC_7377
21 DSC_7385
22 DSC_7392
23 DSC_7387
24 DSC_7389
25 DSC_7390
26 DSC_7398
27 DSC_7401
28 DSC_7406
29 DSC_7408
30 IMG_4718
31 IMG_4730
32 IMG_4732



Posted August 4, 2012

"DeeDee", owned by Leslie Ruddock and handled by Laura Farrell took Reserve Winners Bitch in the Puppy 6-9 class at our Nutmeg Specialty Show in Greenfield, MA.   Congratulations!


Posted July 27, 2012


Nutmeg Fun Field Day Educational for All !


On Saturday, July 21st, Nutmeg members were treated to an informal training clinic where they could work on next steps toward a finished dog.  Tom Mercier and Mike Ernest gave expert advice and demonstrations of field commands and bird-work, whereas Janet McMillan-Zwirko evaluated and demonstrated the dogs for show ring. It was a very informative training session followed by a delicious pot-luck lunch and business meeting.  Thank you Janet, Tom and Mike for organizing this event!

FFD Vic, Mike, Tom, Moose, Bird IMG_7987
FFD Tom, Moose, Bird on Back IMG_7990
FFD Tom, Moose, Bird on Back 2 IMG_7992
FFD Tom, Jinx, Mark, Leo IMG_7975
FFD Tom, Jinx on Training Table IMG_7954
FFD Tom, Gillie IMG_7997
FFD Moose Bird on Back 2 IMG_7995
FFD Mike, Tom, Jinx, Vic, Moose IMG_7942
FFD Mike, Moose, VicIMG_7940
FFD Mike, Mark, Leo IMG_7948
FFD Mike, Leo, Tom, Gillie IMG_7998
FFD Mike, Leo, Mark with Bird IMG_7973
FFD Janet, Moose 1 IMG_8005
FFD Janet, Vic, Moose, Tom IMG_7981
FFD Mike, Leo, Mark at Whoa;  Janet, Jinx IMG_7950
FFD Mike, Leo, Gillie IMG_8001
FFD Mike, Leo IMG_7963
FFD Mark, Mike, Leo, Bird 2 IMG_7984
FFD Janet, Moose 4 IMG_8008
FFD Janet, Leo 4 IMG_8017
FFD Janet, Jinx, Tom IMG_7939
FFD Janet, Mike Jinx IMG_7938
FFD Janet, Leo 1 IMG_8011


Posted June 22, 2012


Congratulations to Nutmeg members Dennis & Jennifer Hazel and "Raven" for taking top dog at the 2012 National Ametuer Gun Dog Championship in Ginter PA!  See all the results on the GSPCA website.  Nice Job!

Nutmeg German Shorthaired Pointer Club, CT, Field Trial, Hunt Test, Dog Show, Dog, Horse, Bird, Puppies

FC/AFC Wolf Plain Brooks Raven SH "Raven"
Sire: FC/ AFC B. Dock Beacon MH
Dam: FC/AFC Wolf Plain Brooks Sally MH  Dennis Hazel
Owner: Dennis & Jennifer Hazel

Posted July 10, 2010

National Bird Dog Museum

Submitted by: Janet McMillan Zwirko, Nutmeg President and GSPCA Board Member


The GSPCA Board of Directors chose to have its June 2010 meeting in Memphis, Tennessee largely to enable the Board to visit the National Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, TN just east of Memphis.

Established by the Bird Dog Foundation, the museum is also the home of the Field Trial Hall of Fame, the Wildlife Heritage Center, and the National Retriever Museum.  An impressive, life-size series of bronzes in front of the building depict a hunter with his pointer on birds, and a setter backing him.  The facility also has a library of many sporting dog-related books and publications, and a dining room of sufficient size to accommodate large numbers of people.  The museum was first opened in 1991 and featured many pointers and setters.  In 2004, the retriever wing was opened, doubling the size of the museum.  Ground-breaking for the next addition, a Sporting Dog Wing (to include German Shorthairs and other continental breeds) is expected to occur in the late summer or early fall of 2010, or when the fund-raising achieves its minimum goal.


We were given a short tour of the museum and grounds, but one could easily spend hours there looking at the many paintings, sculptures, bronzes, trophies and memorabilia that commemorate the history and tradition of the field trial/sporting dog.


It was especially nice to be able to see many of the plaques that adorn the wall of Flaherty, in particular Patrick Cooke, on the walls of the Field Trial Hall of Fame.  The entire dining hall is lined on three sides with these plaques.  Patrick’s plaque has a wonderful painting of a shorthair on point above it.

This museum has a lot to offer and will be even better once the sporting dog wing is complete.  To make a tax deductible donation toward their fundraising effort, send checks made out to Bird Dog Foundation, to P.O. Box 774, Grand Junction TN, 38039.  Footnote your checks "Building Fund" and also indicate your breed affiliation for proper documentation.  For credit card donations, call 731-764-2058.

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