Hunting Tests

What Is a Hunting Test?

Unlike a field trial where dogs compete against each other top prize, a hunting test is a sport in which dogs are evaluated against a written hunting standard, without competition. For pointing breeds like the GSP, the test is designed to demonstrate the dog's ability to search for, find, point and retrieve birds back to their handlers, as well as honoring another dog's point, and trainability. Depending on which level of the test the dog is entered in, some or all of these abilities is evaluated. Dogs are run in pairs called a "brace". Each dog is judged and scored from 1-10 in each category of ability. A minimum score of 5 in each category, and an average overall score of 7 means the dog has "qualified" or passed the test and earns qualifying legs toward a Junior, Senior, or Master Hunter title. Hunt tests are conducted on foot. Judges, handlers and gallery all walk the course...and yes - you do get a lot of good exercise! Please see the AKC pointing breed hunting test history, and rules for a more in-depth explanation of this sport.

Where Are Hunting Tests Held?

All of our hunting tests are held at the Dr. John E. FlahertyField Trial Area on Tromley Road in East Windsor, CT. It is a 500 acre managed wildlife grounds owned by the State of CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and maintained by the Flaherty Field Trial Clubs Association specifically for these typed of events.

From North or South, take Route I-91 to Exit #44 (Route5).  Turn Right at end of exit onto Route 5.  Go about 1 mile to the light at Tromley Road.  Turn Left onto Tromley Road.  Continue approximately .9 miles to the Flaherty Field Trial Area entrance on the left.  There is no Postal address, but the driveway is located immediately west of house number 85.

GPS Coordinates:  N 41.90352   W 72.59758

Interactive Map

Aerial View

Wildlife Management Map

Next Hunting Test Event

Please see the event calendar for our next hunting test date. A complete listing of all field events held at Flaherty and other CT field trial areas can be found on the CT DEEP website.

Event Secretary

Questions and inquires should be directed to the hunting test event secretary, Donna Roy.


The entry forms for hunting tests are called "premiums" and will be posted here when they become available.

Running Order / Brace Sheets

Dogs are run in braces (pairs) and in a specific order based on how they were chosen in a lottery drawing of all entries. Brace sheets will be posted here as soon as possible after the lottery, which is usually held on the Wednesday evening prior to the hunting test.


Results of the hunting tests will be posted here when they become available.

Photo Gallery

December 2019 Hunt Test

Pics of the Weekend

Dec 01 IMG_4913
Dec 02 IMG_5190
Dec 03 IMG_4937
Dec 04 IMG_4945
Dec 05 IMG_4930
Dec 06 IMG_4924
Dec 07 IMG_5073
Dec 08 IMG_5067
Dec 09 IMG_4964
Dec 10 IMG_5174
Dec 11 IMG_20191201_104130853
Dec 12 IMG_20191201_080102696_HDR
Dec 13 IMG_4969
Dec 14 IMG_4972
Dec 15 IMG_4978
Dec 16 IMG_5143
Dec 17 IMG_5151
Dec 18 IMG_4990
Dec 19 IMG_5007
Dec 20 IMG_5020
Dec 21 IMG_5031
Dec 22 IMG_5126
Dec 23 IMG_5129
Dec 24 IMG_5137
Dec 25 IMG_5159
Dec 26 IMG_5146
Dec 27 IMG_20191201_133323429
Dec 28 IMG_5047
Dec 29 IMG_5055
Dec 30 IMG_5059
Dec 31 IMG_5198
Dec 32 IMG_5204
Dec 33 IMG_5106
Dec 34 IMG_5039
Dec 35 IMG_5040
Dec 36 IMG_5093
Dec 37 IMG_5091
Dec 38 IMG_5095
Dec 39 IMG_5090
Dec 40 IMG_5092
Dec 41 IMG_5086
Dec 42 IMG_4921

Photo Archives

Click on the links below to view pdf's of previously posted event photos.

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