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German Shorthaired Pointer Club, Inc

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Why Join Nutmeg?
Membership in the Nutmeg GSP Club is very rewarding. Not only do you get the luxury of spending time around a lot of Shorthairs, but you meet nice people with similar interests who are willing to share their knowledge about Shorthairs and all the events we participate in with our dogs. The level of participation in the club is what you make of it, and where your interests lie. Passive members may show up at events or meetings just to stay connected, whereas active members enter events and pitch-in wherever and whenever they are needed. Regardless of participation, all members share a love and compassion for GSP's.

How to Become a Member
New members need to be sponsored by a current club member. The easiest way to meet members is to attend an event or two and express your interest in joining. Once sponsored, a membership application form needs to be submitted to the club secretary. New members must then be voted-in at a regular club meeting.
Membership Application Form
Complete and submit the Membership Application Form to the club secretary at the address indicated on the form.
Annual Dues Schedule
Dues are collected on January 1st of each year. Checks should be made payable to NGSPC and sent to the club treasurer at the address indicated on the Dues Reminder Notice. Family $20 Individual $15 Associate $5 Junior $1

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